Friday, May 16, 2014

Celebrating Marketplace Events Award Winners at #MPEDisney!

Last week Marketplace Events held its annual corporate meeting in Orlando, Florida -- tagged #MPEDisney by the team. Everyone spent an intense three days sharing ideas, strategies and tips which will be used across all of our events moving forward.

One of the highlights of our meeting was a backstage tour of Magic Kingdom. With a focus on customer service, it was great to learn from the Disney Institute how they ensure each persons visit to the park is consistent and full of quality FUN. I'm sure many of us took away valuable lessons which may be transferred on to the planning and running of our events.

During the opening night dinner, Tom Baugh, Lisa Kropf and Mark White announced this year's Marketplace Events Award Winners:

"Over the Top" Award 2014
Cinnamon Kernes
Shannon Nathe
Carol Graves
Edoardo Morera
Jill Kivett

Highest Sales by a Exhibit Sales Consultant above Sales Target
2013 Calgary Home + Design Show
Casey Delflice

Highest Sales by a Show Team above Sales Target
2013 AIMExpo
Cinnamon Kernes
Matt Cavanaugh
Chad Douglass
Heather Higgins

Most New Business Sold
2014 Denver Home Show
Laura Martin

Highest Local Sponsorship Dollars Sold
2014 Great Big Home + Garden Show
Rosanna Hrabnicky

Highest % of Profit - Dollar for Dollar
The Oklahoma City Home + Garden Show, 2014
RaeAnn Saunders

Highest Year-on-Year Growth in Contribution
2014 Salt Lake Home Show
Brooke Peterson

Highest Year-on-Year Growth in Sales
The OKC Home + Outdoor Living Show, 2014
RaeAnn Saunders
Laura Keller

Highest On-Site Renewals (3 - 5 Day Show)
2014 Calgary Home + Garden Show
Jill Kivett
Martin Egli
Jessica Bowlby
Casey Defelice
Micheline Picot
Jenn Tait
Misty Russell
Alison Farrell
Ashley Dinh
Kristy Cairns

Highest On-Site Renewals (6+ Day Show)
2014 Indianapolis Home Show
Laura Groninger
Tami Bailey
Marc Gary
Heather Newsom

Highest Increase in Attendance
The OKC Home + Outdoor Living Show, 2014

RaeAnne Saunders
Shelly Gepfert
Carrie Linde

Highest Single Day Attendance
Minneapolis Home + Garden Show  |  Saturday, March 1, 2014

Highest Exhibitor Satisfaction Rating
2014 Home + Remodeling Show
Liz Benkovich
Stephanie Wyrobek
Carol Graves
Cindy Czaja

Highest Consumer Satisfaction Rating
2014 Oklahoma City Home + Garden Show
RaeAnn Saunders
Laura Keller
Heather Newsom

2014 CEO Award of Appreciation
Casey Defelice
Shelly Gepfert
Arslan Ghani
Rosanna Hrabnicky
Shannon Nathe
Heather Newsom
Paul Schweitzer

2014 Customer Service Leaders
Kelly Baugh
Justine Diersch
Laura Keller
Rese Pardue
Seana Wall

Congratulations to all our award winners!

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