Friday, December 6, 2013

Before the Show: Decide How Much Space You Will Need

Booth size depends upon your show budget, the product selection that you want to bring to the show, desired objectives, the available show space, and your number of staff. Keep in mind that the size of your booth will have a direct bearing on your final results at the home show. For example, if your major objective at a show is to generate new leads, the amount of actual leads you can generate will be affected by a limited space.

Ample space for shoppers and sales staff.
The physical exhibit (products and displays) generally occupy approximately thirty percent of your available space. In a ten-foot by ten-foot booth (100 square feet), your exhibit will cover approximately thirty square feet. That leaves only seventy square feet for exhibitors and attendees. The average person uses less than twenty-five square feet of personal space. If you have seventy square feet of space available for people, at less than twenty-five square feet per person, then approximately three people can fit into your booth, INCLUDING SALESPEOPLE! The rule of thumb is that no more than two salespeople should work each 100 square feet of space. With two salespeople in a 10' x 10' booth and one visitor it could still feel very crowded.

An over crowded booth can actually hinder your sales.
Avoid congestion! Your exhibit should be open and inviting to attendees, not cluttered and claustrophobic. Booth visitors tend to stay away from areas they perceive as crowded or confining. A booth visitor will take approximately three seconds to walk past a ten-foot by ten-foot booth. However, a visitor will take eight seconds to walk by a booth that is ten-feet by twenty-feet.

Perhaps the size and number of your products, your demonstration requirements, and/or your selling process has already dictated your booth size. Regardless, it is a good idea to mark off the space you are considering on the floor (in your warehouse, showroom, or living room) and try to actually fit your products, equipment, tables, chairs, etc., into this space. This procedure will act as a "dress rehearsal" for the show and will allow you the opportunity to visualize any potential problems with your display before you get on-site. You may realize that you need to reserve more space and that you can not possibly fit everything you planned in this display area. Needless to say, this is the best time to find out and make any adjustments.

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