Friday, August 16, 2013

All About Email – Following Up On Home Show Leads (Part Two)

The most important thing a customer gives you is their trust.  Before they become your client and any money changes hands, a certain level of trust must be established. Permission based marketing helps to develop a trust relationship between your business and its customers. It also improves your credibility as a business.

Quick Tips Before Using Your Show List
  1. If you have collected emails in a fish bowl each person should be sent a personal email before being added to a database. Always ask for permission to email first or you risk starting your relationship on the wrong foot.
  2. Collecting emails on a connected device with a valid opt-in box – excellent! Now follow up quickly before everyone forgets they signed up. The most optimal time is within one week of the show.
  3. Running a contest in order to get opt-ins is a great idea. Just make sure the rules and regulations are separate from the opt-in and that opt-in isn’t a requirement of entry.
  4. Include your company name in the opt-in line; then there can be no confusion from the customer about what they are subscribing too.
  5. Keep the message relevant. If you know a potential customer is interested in windows, it is best to not send them the email about a sale on doors.
Following these tips along with the other email best practices mentioned in part one will help you grow your database, and nurture customers after the home show ends. Remember you only have a few days while at the event to set your business up for future success. Goals to grow your database can easily be achieved during and after the show.


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