Friday, August 23, 2013

What Does Your Booth Say About Your Company?

When planning on exhibiting it is always best to familiarize yourself with the display and booth regulations of the show. Depending on your booth location you will need to think about walls, flooring, signage, as well as the overall design. For example, the National Home Show in Toronto requires all exhibitors to have hard walls and show management has the right to mask any unsightly areas at the expensive of the exhibitor. While at the Great Big Home + Garden Show in Cleveland exhibitors are provided with back and side pipe and drape. Remember, the rules and regulations are in place to make sure all exhibitors are held to the same high standards. After all, we all want to look good!

The overall presentation of your booth is extremely important, as potential new customers will be walking past it all day while shopping at the show. Care and attention to detail will not go unnoticed. Even if you have a great product to showcase you still need to devote some time and work on drawing people in.

Other common booth regulations are:

  • No handwritten signs
  • Signs must be one sided and not face into another exhibitor’s booth
  • Exhibit walls must be finished on both sides. No wires, frames, wood, etc. for your neighbor to see
  • Booths must have floor covering
  • Flooring must not be adhered directly to the floor and protection should be laid first
  • Tables must be skirted with floor length skirting (no plastic)
  • Personal effects, extra inventory, and stored items must be out of sight
What does your booth say about your company? Does it look like you only want to do the bare minimum or go above and beyond? Your booth is your main marketing tool while at the home show and it communicates what your company is about to the public. If it stands out as an impressive display potential customers will be impressed and more likely to buy from you.

To read the Exhibitor Rules and Regulations for the home shows you are taking part in simply visit the “For Confirmed Exhibitors” section on home show website and look for the "Exhibitor Kit" page. If show management determines a booth does not meet the guidelines, is inappropriate or unprofessional, the exhibitor will be asked to make the necessary changes to be in compliance with the rules at the exhibitor’s expense. If you have any questions regarding the design set up of your booth do not hesitate to call your sales consultant. We are always happy to help and can offer examples of past booth displays along with some solutions.

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