Friday, February 21, 2014

At the Show: Product Demos and Selling Techniques

The art of selling at a home show is based upon how well you can personally communicate and demonstrate your product or service, so that a qualified attendee can relate, understand, and respond to your presentation. Remember, selling at a home show is much different than selling in the field, in a store, or on a telephone. It is much more intimidating. Even the strongest salesperson can have trouble selling at a home show.

Booth personnel should be knowledgeable, friendly, and approachable, and not aggressive. Your ability to ASK QUESTIONS at the show and distinguish between a qualified attendee and a qualified prospect, will determine the degree of success you will achieve. Your job at the show will be to sell the attendee on the BENEFITS of your product and your company in a minimum amount of time, and to determine the NEED, DESIRE, and AFFORDABILITY of the customer.

By consciously sending warm, confident, and positive signals at all times, you are telling attendees that you aresomeone worth speaking with and your company is worth finding out about.

Product Demonstrations
Product demos may be the single most important element of a home show exhibit since they are the bridge between customer needs and product benefits. No matter how impressive the exhibit is, the performance of exhibit staff while giving the demonstration is vitally important.

Each demonstration message should contain several elements:
  1. Introduction - State the length of the demo and what the demo will accomplish.
  2. List of Benefits - Succinctly describe how your product or service can help the listener overcome a challenge. Avoid presenting distinctions of how your product or service differs from the competition (Although, these are often the first questions an attendee will ask.)
  3. Transitions - Keep the presentation fluid and conversational.
  4. Summary - Briefly recap all the main messages.
It also helps to give your booth staff time to refine and organize their demonstrations by giving them time to rehearse.

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