Friday, February 7, 2014

What to Include in the Show Binder

Many customers will remember MORE about the salespeople manning a booth than the booths themselves! Your success depends largely on the collective talent, product knowledge and energy level of your sales staff, AND of course how prepared they are. The foolproof way to insure everyone is prepared is to share your knowledge of the show with those who will be manning the booth.

Your internal show manual will be most helpful if it includes the following information:

  • A staff schedule of who will be working the booth on a daily and hourly basis
  • A staff schedule of daily show activities
  • A staff schedule of pre-show and daily "wrap-up" meetings
  • Hotel information: where they will be staying
  • A map showing the convention hall and vicinity to your booth location
  • A diagram of your booth layout and booth number
  • A list of products being displayed
  • A product pricing structure
  • An explanation of the pre-show advertising and promotion
  • Corporate objectives and goals to be met at the show
  • Sales goals and rewards for success
It helps to have a copy of all information printed and available to staff in your booth. This way when a staff person needs to refer to it the the show binder is always at hand.

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