Friday, January 31, 2014

Move In & Move Out Tips: During the Show

Once you get to the show, there are three primary ingredients for a successful, well-managed home show experience. These can be broken up as follows:

  • Move In / Move Out
  • Proper Boothmanship
  • Selling Techniques
In this next series, we will address each of these three critical areas. Think of this as the "to-do" list which will enable you to be better prepared, do everything right the first time, achieve the objectives you have set for your company, and have a stress-free experience. 

Move in / Move Out Tips

The first step towards a smooth move in and move out process is to READ THE EXHIBITOR MANUAL, and read it carefully.  The most common exhibitor mistake is to put this thick stack of papers aside for later, however later never comes and important details will be overlooked.  If you have any questions after reading the manual, call your sales consultant or the show manager immediately for clarification.  Most importantly, you should:
  • Order services prior to the deadlines.  Keep in mind, anything ordered on-site will cost more.
  • Order everything you need in the correct size, color, and quantities.
  • Have as much work as possible done on your exhibit before it is packed or shipped.
  • Number and label your crates and boxes accordingly to contents for easy move in and set up.
  • Put a diagram on each crate showing how it is to be unpacked and repacked.
  • Provide special instructions for your electrical requirements.
  • Arrive at the exhibit hall early to see your booth location and find the service desks.
  • Confirm, revise, or initiate orders for rentals and services that you will require.
  • Obtain work passes or exhibitor badges for yourself and your team.
Following these tips during move in may result in you being so organized and well-prepared that you even have time at the end of the day to put your feet up.  A luxury many exhibitors can only hope for!

Starting the show off right during move in will also leave you in a better state of mind to meet all those new potential customers on opening day.

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